Coffee Scrub - Lavender & Rose

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These hand-blended Coffee Scrubs do it all to get your skin Spring and Summer ready!

Gently Exfoliate + Deodorize + Moisturize = Softer, brighter SKIN 

Scoop out a teaspoon amount,
softly rub or massage face and body in relaxing circular motions.
Take a few deep, slow breaths releasing worries and stress, to inspire celebrating your self, Your mind, Your body, Your soul.

Self-care and a positive mindset are essential.
Breathe Confidence knowing this product only contains beneficial, safe, clean ingredients...

Fine ground coffee, sugar. Arnica flower, rose petals and lavender flower provide the beautiful balance of soft and effective texture to  release old skin cells, opening the door for our new, revived skin cells to shine proudly. PLUS, the organic shea butter, jojoba, and coconut oils will soften and moisturize dry, aging, and sensitive skin.

Did you know coffee is a natural deoderizer? It is! It will naturally take away yucky smells, including body stink. Rub your arm pits and any other not-so-fresh body parts with this coffee scrub!

Perfect for camping and speedy showers!

Exfoliate. Deoderize. Soften.

One and done! :)


Ground coffee
Granulated sugar
Arnica flower
Rose petals
Lavender flower
Jojoba oil
Coconut oil
Rose essential oil

Breathe confidence using this relaxing and very beneficial scrub. Can be used on some sensitive skin. (Obviously, discontinue immediately if skin worsens.)

30-day guarantee. We love all kinds of feedback, so we can prioritize improvements.

Usually ships within 72 hours from Exton, PA near Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Bonus: Sale support survivors of sexual trauma and abuse.